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Pilates can have tremendous health benefits. See what the most commonly asked questions are about it

Some answers about attending a Pilates class and the fitness benefits


Why should I do Pilates?

Pilates will strengthen and re-balance tight and weak muscles, preventing future injury. It will highlight bad postural habits and encourage you to correct them.

Should I do Pilates if I have a bad back?
Only after checking with your GP or Physio first. Pilates will stretch and lengthen tight muscles around the spine.
I have tried Pilates but I don’t feel very much happening?

It takes time and practice for the brain to use muscles that have stopped working effectively due to injury, childbirth, surgery or lack of use. Be patient and you will see gains in your posture, flexibility and abdominal area.

Will Pilates give me a flat stomach?
It definitely helps, but is even more effective if combined with a low fat diet and aerobic exercise.
Can anyone attend Pilates?
Yes, everyone of any age, sex or fitness level can join a Pilates class, and work at their own level.
I have recently had a baby, is Pilates suitable for me?
Absolutely, Pilates is perfect for strengthening the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.